Responsive Website Design

With the proliferation of smart devices like smartphones and tablets, you never know when people would choose to access your website from a device with a smaller display, hardware limitations or over a slow internet mobile data connection. You need to be prepared for every eventuality and make your website responsive so that it renders consistently across all browsers and all device sizes. iLab’s responsive website design services ensure that your website is “device agnostic” and looks and feels perfectly same on all devices and screen sizes. Here at iLab, we provide best in class responsive website design services that are sure to fit your exact needs.

Responsive Website Design Services at iLab

iLab’s core competencies span the below offerings –

  1. We use fluid layouts and grid tables to ensure that all design elements in your website render perfectly irrespective of display size. This makes your UI completely independent of devices and gives users the usage experience that you want them to get.
  2. Want to use your favorite CMS? We also design responsive themes and layouts for many popular CMS platforms.
  3. We use relevant technologies and programming languages such as HTML5 processing and CSS3 media query, to make sure that your website responds perfectly to the device being used to access it. This ensures that you website can used from any device without any change in look and feel or functionality.
  4. If you have a website that you want to convert into a responsive website, we can identify key areas that need change and make necessary changes to transform your website.
  5. We take into account all relevant factors like usage patterns, statistics and trends and use them along with our skills and experience to create cutting edge responsive websites.

With our responsive website design services at iLab, it becomes easier for you to expand your audience pool and hence garner better sales and revenues. We completely understand if you feel the need to discuss more on this with us. So simply connect with us to take this exciting partnership to the next level.